that which is my annoyance

i have gone beyond myself

Legerdemain's existence
3 December

indecorous - not conforming with accepted standards of propriety or good taste.

air, alone time, anything sweetsourorinbetween, aroma, atoms, bare feet, being uppity, blow in my ear, blue glass, boondoggle, boroque, breathing, bubbles, carpe diem, cats, chartruse, chro, citrus, clouds, comedy, concerto, conversations, crayons, crows, crystals, cunundrum, curious, curl, deja vu, domier, dreams, driving, dust, ecclesiastical architecture, emotions, exestensialism, exhale, expensive drinks, fingers, foam, freedom, frown, gerbera daisies, getting my ya-ya's out, glass half empty, going incognito, grace, graphic nature, grok it, guillotine, habitual lewdness, handbag lust, hands, if only i could, insomnia, jig saw, kick me, la petite mort, last known good, laughing, letters, liminal spaces, lips, listless, literature, lullabies, lust, magnolias, manic rage, margaritas, metaphors, miss havisham, miss me, murphey, music as silence, my not-lovers, noir, obsessions, office supply obsession, one painted pinky, opal, orchids, oxygen, parasitic, pearls, people watching, period garb, philosophy, photography, pi, pigment, pipes in my head, pixi dust, plethora, poking things with forks, primal screams, promiscuity of the mind, puddle stomping, ravins, red swingline staplers, redrum, rhythm, rice, road trips, roaming, screaming whores, sensual, sheet music, silk, slurpees, smitten, smoothly written transitions, snow, sorrow, southern comfort, stars, sultry, swords, that song, the beatles, the blue half-hour, the moon, things i never said, thumb rings, touch [me], twilight, viola, waking sleep, walking fast in libraries, wilting while in bloom, wordlessness, yearning