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i don't know why this thought has just struck me, i don't know, but i just had to put it down somewhere.

...in september 2005, i found myself in Rosalyn Chapel in the English countryside. inside this sacred old church, is a book that is open to the public. in this book, one may write prayers that they hope will be put a bit closer to god simply by being associated with this church. i wrote a prayer in that book. i penned a wish for peace in my family and possibly, if this god is feeling generous, some semblance of happiness.

it was barely two months later when my aunt margie passed away of still unknown causes.

i do not know if these two events are related. although i do believe that her passing was nothing less than a weight being lifted from the shoulders of my family. veritably, there was something of a sigh of relief from the lot of us that day. we mourned, especially since she was a fairly young woman at the time of her passing. and the aftermath of her death was nothing short of a legal tangle that took 14 months to sort.

we all came out of it. and even though not one of us really enjoyed margie's company, she was most certainly loved. strained though the relationships were, at least the relationship existed.

i wonder if that was the answer to my written wish. i wonder what brought about this whole train of thought.
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