Legerdemain's existence (emmowyn) wrote,
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breathe in

since i last visited this space, i have done the following:

* repaired my windshield. i was wrong; the crack did not warrant replacement of the windshield. this cost $60 and if the stars align, may be reimbursed by the insurance company.

* completed several books; most of which are part of a series. -an oddity for me, as i tend to steer clear of that sort of commitment.

* danced on the edge of several nervous breakdowns. why? i worry about things that i cannot change. i guess if i exercise those muscles enough, then one day i will have strength to accept things of this nature. Dear, God, Santa, Mother Nature, Nessie, Tooth Fairy...

* acknowledged our [read: SBM and i] third anniversary. i don't want to talk about it.

* fell into a drunken crying mess. this was last weekend. i don't feel ashamed to admit this for several reasons:
* there are no witnesses
* i was hungry for a damn good cry
* the only evidence was my very puffy eyes the next morning
* i felt so much lighter after i expended that energy.
* these things happen, don't they? i suffered no ill-effects from the letting-loose of the crazy. thank you.

* completed my semester. that's all i can really say about it. i am taking the summer off and i will be returning to Intermediate Accounting II and Women in Literature in the Fall. please note that i will suffer through the accounting class, but i am greatly anticipating the FemLit class. dear femlit course: please don't suck

for as busy and crazy as things have been, i seem to have very little to update. i keep telling myself that i simply begin typing, then the thoughts will follow. but it always that i am only exercising futility.

i have also spent much time in and out of family affairs. creating resumes, job-hunting, coaching on job-issues, wishing that i had access to a magic wand.

as always, i am on the move and still in one piece. good to see this place again; i believe i will frequent this space more often.
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