Legerdemain's existence (emmowyn) wrote,
Legerdemain's existence

there must be something wrong

not one hour ago, i was cruising along the turnpike in comfortably medium-traffic. WXPN hummed ion the radio, and i was going about my normal business of trying to make the best of the long drive to work. as suddenly as the ice took me not one month ago, a crack like a gun shot made me cringe and swerve. i thought better of careening into the next lane when i realized that it was no gunshot or other purposeful projectile; it was an errant stone that made a neat gash and starred crack 6 inches down and left of the center of my windshield.

the crack cannot be repaired. the windshield will cost $300 to replace.

something in this universe no longer wants me in the drivers seat of this car. my baby, my best friend, my Forward.

i don't want to see you go baby, but this is turning into a very unhealthy relationship. was i too dependent upon you? a needy and clingy partner? i am so sorry, i never realized the strain that i was putting on you, love. maybe we are simply not destined to be together; out relationship is of the star-crossed sort, juliet, my love. my intention was never to cause you harm; my thoughts of you were always loving. did you feel slighted that i found myself behind the wheel of another? those outings could not be avoided! i am so sorry, love, i never meant to hurt you. maybe you feel unappreciated, as i feel in every other facet of my life. i did not whisper sweet-everythings as often as i should, nor did i vacuum your carpets, wax your external curves or treat your inner-plastics to the coatings that they deserved. i should have cleaned your windows more often and treated you to the tint that i have been promising for three summers. oh, my Forward, how i have neglected you all this time; while you, dear, have treated me so well. when i dented your sweet rear bumper on SBM's audaciously metal fender, you did not whine or swerve out of alignment. i fixed it! you have the cutest little scar on your rump now. it gives you character, baby. even after our falling-out last month, the $7500 repair, you drive the same as you always did. tight, responsive, tires tight to road. i always enjoyed driving with you, even when i did not enjoy having make the drive, you were always a pleasure to cruise. we're a team, baby, don't push me away now. you have no mechanical problems, and though i may have a few, we should still be able to stay together.

don't let this be the end of us. unseen forces are trying to pull us apart. but i will fight for us. you are my first love, my only love. no other auto will ever compare to you, love. this battle has been won by a mischievous rock and a treacherous road, but the war is not over. i will not give up on you.
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