Legerdemain's existence (emmowyn) wrote,
Legerdemain's existence

puddles, mud and tire marks

before i went to bed this morning, i called my manager and left a voice-mail stating that i had been in a car accident and i would like to take thursday as a personal day to make necessary arrangements and do what needed to be done.

no one called to see if i was ok.

i slept until 10:30am. i walked around in my underwear, ate a bowl of cereal (with 1% milk) and cuddled with Mugsy. eventually i talked myself into doing the dishes, but not before i procrastinated just a bit more. at 11:15, i contacted my insurance company and submitted my claim for the damages to my car. i told the woman my story... driving down the road, came up to a curve and i slowed down, spin, ran into a tree, slid sideways into a ditch. she assigned my a claim a number and gave me the name of the claims adjuster ... IN FLORIDA.

an hour later, mr.florida called me and said that he was having difficulty following what had happened. so i went through it again.

he: "oh! you said CURVE. oh, well, that makes a big difference."

mr.florida informed me that the report that the woman had transcribed stated that i ran into a curb.

he told me that a field agent would be sent to where my car is being stored, where he would appraise the damage and take photos. A copy of the estimate would be sent to me. regardless of what the estimate states, if there are other hidden damages, those will also be covered by my insurance. so long as i pay my $500 deductible.

my mother arrived at stu's house around 1:45; i was tidying up a bit in the living-room and kitchen. we drove to the scene of the accident and i took pictures of the stretch of road, the tree that i kissed, my headlight shrapnel and the impressive set of tire marks on the shoulder of the road. those tire-marks that my mother pointed out from 100 yards. after seeing the road and the area that i crashed, mum became very upset. "this is a dangerous road" was repeated over and over. directly across the road from where i "landed", is a 20-foot drop into a creek. there are no trees or guardrail to prevent one from driving over the edge. it was a miracle that after i hit the tree, i did not go careening off the side of the road.

we then drove to the body shop where my baby is being kept. i took photos of the damage and grabbed a few things out of the car. the owner of the shop opened the locked gate for us, and took an unofficial inspection of my car. it was in his estimation that i "couldn't have been going very fast, because the airbag did not deploy and the damage is not that extensive. it's uglier than it looks... but it won't cost any less than $4500 to fix."

it was so warm today, that much of the frozen snow bordering properties and sidewalks melted. this made for a fair-amount of mud in the cage where my car was. as i was walking around the car snapping photos, my feet were being sucked into it.

my mother has allowed me to take her car for the duration of the repairs. this is feasible only because she is not working at the present. since there is no rental provision in our insurance policy, this makes my life much easier. although, if i really had no transportation, i would have stayed at my homestead and someone would have driven me to and from work.

i did not call my family until this morning to tell them what happened. they were upset that i had been in an accident but where relieved that, overall, everything is ok. i had decided not to call them, because i felt no need to start a panic at 11:00 at night... especially since there wasn't a thing anyone could have done for me.

so far, this accident has not caused such an upheaval in my life... but still feel very awkward and upset about the ordeal. mainly because i wasn't doing anything wrong... i had not been drinking, i was not speeding, i was wearing my seat-belt... and still it happened.

this is all too much for me to wrap my head around.
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