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this morning, as i was sitting in ridiculously unexpected traffic on the turnpike, i was listening to Member Supported Radio. the first two strums of the bass struck me. this lead into a very lazy guitar and piano. a salty voice started talking about strolling in the park. a lackadaisical horn danced with me as i swayed to the music at the helm of my car. the song tasted of spring, images of flowers and salt-water breeze dripped from my teeth. i smiled, thinking of rolling up my pants and walking along the hyaline of the most local ocean with stu... or not... i just need the beach. the song ended and Micheala Majoun informed me that this was "midday" by cat stevens.

thank you, yusuf, you just lifted me from my funk. spring is almost here, and i can make it through.
Tags: beside myself, daily drag, indulgences, unscripted
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