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i have a birthday on sunday. on sunday morning at 7:02, i will have completed 23 rotations around the sun in virtually the same location that i was born. lately, the only thing that has gotten me out of bed in the morning, is remembering that even though my life feels stagnate, i am standing on a planet that flings itself around a fireball. regardless of my feelings on the subject, i am on the move. this is strangely comforting.

in the last year, i have been pretty down on myself, on life in general. the onset of this birthday has made me realize that this year in particular has been pretty good. a few minor meltdowns, a handful of dips into depression and a couple of incidents that left me sleepless and with hives. on the pro-side, i have been with my current job for more than 12 months. i have received a promotion and a raise in wages. i have taken myself back to school, i am forming a path to follow. i am in a relationship with a person *who drives me insane* who i am proud to speak of, who i respect and admire, who i flagrantly wish to spend the rest of my life with. my mother and i have a relationship that has defied all odds. i have a family that would live and die for me; i have a history, i have left a mark on this planet.

the holidays, also tend to make me very nostalgic... thanksgiving, especially.

my thanksgiving was spent with SBM, mumgrahame and her husband, and her long-time friends. it was a lovely dinner, complete with a mashedpotatoesmishap. the ladies and i were in the kitchen when i confided some of baubles i had already purchased for SBM.

i exclaimed, "it's $280 at compusa, i picked it up elsewhere for $163!"
mumgrahame to friend, "this is why i love her! she's a smart shopper, just like me. who could ask for a better daughter-in-law?"

shortly after this exchange we all parted ways, and SBM and i found ourselves in his living room skimming through the black friday sales fliers. we called popgrahame down in north carolina *he's visiting with his brother-in-law* to wish them a happy thanksgiving. i talked with the brother-in-law for the first time.

me: "oh, it's so nice to talk to you."
he: "yes. i've heard a lot about you."
me: "all good things, i hope."
he: "well, we're not all saints."

apparently, i have been indoctrinated into their club. apparently, i am well-liked in that circle.

SBM and i took to the road, to see what there was to see at our local compusa. we ended up camping outside the store overnight. yes, i did just say that. i will spare the details as to why... but we armed ourselves with blankets, booze and mince pies. we had a grand ol' time with the small group of people that formed a line behind us. there was a lengthy discussion on the atrocity that is paris h1lton, a divideandconquer plan divised for all the goodies that went on sale at 5am, and many laughs were had by all.

also, it turns out that the very same securityguy who fired me from my job as customer service lead *at a different location of the same store* was the very same guy who was posted at the main entrance when i started the line for the 5am sale.

after 7 hours of sitting in front of the store, the new shift of employees prepared for opening the doors. the line stood 150 people deep. SBM held my hand. i thanked him for hanging with me all night, even though i did tell him to leave several times. he said...

"i am honored to be here with you. i am proud to be with you; you're the first person that i've been proud to be with in a very long time."

the doors opened, and i made my way to the external hard drives that were on sale. scouring the shelves for the discounted items was a daunting tasks, what with other customers attempting to bully past me. i spotted the sale item, lunged, grabbed two of them and quickly read the SKU# to SBM to verify. a man put his hand on the box in my hands.

he: "what is the SKU#?"
me: "remove your hands from my hard drive."
he: *his other hand now on the box* "what is the SKU? let me see!"
he: *put a hand on my arm* "you have all of them, that's not fair"
me: *yanked my arm away* "if you touch me again, i will break you."
he: *let go* "i don't like your attitude."

i could have had him arrested for simple assault.

eventually, i made it to the register with my purchases. it turned out that they were having difficulty with the registers: the rebates associated with some of the sale items were not ringing up. so, they sold my items to me at the direct sale price *no rebates required*.

*ahem* according to erebates, i am still eligible to receive the $200. if i actually receive the check... my irish will get up and dance.
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