Legerdemain's existence (emmowyn) wrote,
Legerdemain's existence

a victory

there has been a war between the copier/scanner/printer and myself since early tuesday morning. this afternoon, i defeated the beast and officially designated it as my bitch.

i was aware that the beast had the capability to scan a document, convert it to .pdf format and send it to a shared folder on a network drive. i knew that the possibility existed, that this feat could be accomplished. on tuesday morning, i had a deadline to meet. it was required of me to send a document in .pdf format within an e-mail.

that first battle on tuesday morning was a 3-hour hullabaloo. i did get the .pdf file, i did meet the deadline, but i barely made it out alive. the copier/scanner/printer beast and i both emerged with scrapes and bruises. were it not for the ever-stoic mr.ITguy *he who "does not know"*, the battle may have dragged on even longer.

this afternoon was the final face-off between the beast and i. i was able to scan my document into the network folder in less than 1 minute. there was no cursing at the machine or punching of the face screen. and unlike tuesday morning, when smack-talk was being thrown about willy-nilly and idle threats hung in the air, my only words were, "BOW YOUR HEAD, SUBMIT TO MY WILL" in my special evil*dead*charred voice that i have such a talent for. the beast now lives in fear of my wrath, waiting for it's slice of DOOM-cheesecake with pumpkin spice.

Tags: daily drag, job shite
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